Welcome! I am an assistatnt professor at the CS department in Yeshiva College-Yeshiva University. I was a postdoctoral Scholar in the Mathematical Sciences Department at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and a postdoctoral visiting scholar at ICERM, Brown University. I obtained my Ph.D. in Mathematics at Oregon State University under the supervision of Dr. Malgorzata Peszynska. My general research interests are machine learning/statistical learning , deep learning, numerical analysis, partial differential equations and applied functional analysis. I am always looking foward to collaborate in interdisciplinary scientific projects at all levels.

I am the webmaster of the e-mail list of the Womne in Data Science (WisDM) group. Please reach out if you want to subscribe

Recent wrant: Google Explore. Reseacrh in recommender systems in health data. More info coming soon!

Research Areas


Mathematical treatment and simulations for applications in geosciences.

Deep learning for various data types (LiDAR, crowd flow)




Methane in coal beds

Methane hydrates

Mathematical treatment and simulations of the evolution of methane hydrates in sea-beds

Machine Learning in LiDAR 3D point clouds

Deep learning in LiDAR data

Crowd flow

Deep learning using simulated crowd flow data